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21 September 2006 

I am at work and I just bought a slice of pizza for lunch. It is the cheapest thing I can get, which I why I got it. My friend Andy would have the fortitude to skip lunch (or, more likely, the sense to bring it). In any case, I found myself saying a quick prayer before beginning to eat. I finished with the line my parents instilled in me "bless this food to the nourishment of my body." As I said that to God, I grimaced and looked down at the grimy, greasy slab of bread and cheese before, knowing full well that it's bad for me and I thought to myself: "Is this like asking God to make a square circle?"

Dear Lord, bless this fattening and heart clogging, but terribly convenient, meal to the nourishment of my body.

I wonder if a lot of our prayers are like that when we live lives that are so utterly contradictory to where God wants us that God's response isn't about Grace, but about silence in the face of a logical contradiction.

right on. square circles. totally. much food for thought. thanks man.

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