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25 September 2006 


Screw you, media companies and Apple Computer, for devising ways of making your product suck the fun and convenience out of digital media. Yesterday, I showed an Episode of 30 Days at church. I bought it a month ago, and it worked fine then. But yesterday, since I was in a room with no Wi-Fi, and I hadn't upgraded to QT 7.13, it refused to play until I went downstairs, logged into the iTunes store, and downloaded a 50mb upgrade which was needed to undo the crippling that iTunes 7 had brought with it.

Thanks, Apple!

Copyright law and FCC regulation should change but they won't. All the more reason, I supose, to avoid corporate media entirely.

im pretty sick of this stuff. required crippling upgrades, soon enough all of us without the new intel processors won't be able to run new software on our machines. manufacturing desire. f&*ck them all.

all new mac software is coming out as universal binaries, meaning they work on both intel and ppc. also i havent upgraded to itunes 7 and have had no problem with any media encoded with drm. that being said, i still think drm is bad for both bands and consumers, but apple is really the lesser of evils here (think riaa)


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