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25 July 2006 

Boy, was I wrong...

I finished writing a paper in May (about 6 months late)about Gnosticism and Information Technology. Long story short, part of my paper was an attack on the $100 Laptop Project as something that is at least potentially giving the world a Gnostic-flavored attempt at jacking more people into the Otherworld of so-called cyberspace before giving them potable water and food. While I was not 100% sold on the accusation, I was pretty darned cocky about it. Last night, I read an article in WIRED (another target of mine) about the current design of the laptop in question. The designer (whose name and exact verbiage I am without at the moment) said that he thought arguments about giving kids in the developing world food and water before tech were silly, because the developing world is heterogeneous. There are kids, he said, who are undoubtedly poor, but whose top priority is learning.

Let's chalk another one up to my white privilege and ignorance!