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25 April 2006 

Ministering to the Middle Class Church

Are the concerns of middle class church folk like myself as valid as those of the poor?

I have some resentment and disdain for the middle class, Protestant tendency to navel-gaze and/or re-invent the wheel over and over again. I find it in myself, although I have found some relief in it by looking toward historic orthodoxy. At the same time, I find that it is somewhat inaccessible to a lot of folks, not the least of which being the kids that I work with. What does it mean to communicate the Gospel with sensitivity, but without losing clarity about the things on which Scripture is entirely clear? It is certainly not clear on an awful lot.

Emergent Christianity? 33-300 AD.

But what if the Church is still young?

hmmm...interesting point.

Yeah...reminds me:
Since the MD Kairos Conversation trip one of the thigns I have been thinking a fair amount about is Jesus's radical statement: "the kingdom of God is at hand" (it is here...)..

What does that mean for our "middle class" lives?

If I really believe what jesus said.... that it is about the NOW and not just the some day in the heavenly realms....then how do I let it impact me? What do Jesus's teahcings say about how to make the "at hand" Kingdom the experienced reality for ourselves and those around us..and the rest of the world too?

I think the middle class church often doens't have a clue about the radical nature of Jesus's teaching..radical implications for our internal (personal) and our external (community) life. I know I have very seldom heard it taught in the various churhces where I have attended over my life. Especially the here and now aspect and the external implications.

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