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06 February 2006 

"Game of Life"

So Benny-Boy and I have to come up with a "Game of Life" for our Wednesday class on games and simulations. There were no real stipulations other than that we needed to make a game that was about us as individuals. I have decided to make a Memory/Concentration style game. My take on it will include this "twist": images that are in color represent where I am headed, or hope to be headed. For instance: Church would be in color, and would be representative of my desire to become more involved in and more deeply connected to God's church. Television, on the other hand, would be black and white, as it is something I more and more wish to erase altogether.

(I AM NOT A LUDDITE. I am blogging, after all.)

Anyway, this style would have the effect of creating a minor narrative element where there would normally be none. I'll scan some of the drawings if any of them are decent.

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