04 January 2005 

Ron Sider

Here's a well written article from the president of Evangelicals for Social Action:


01 January 2005 

Donald Miller

I am incredibly thankful that God has given Donald Miller the talent that he has. His writing is some of the most clear, honest, biblical stuff I've seen for a long time (if a "long time" is even something to which I am allowed to refer to at this point.)

I read Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality a couple months ago and it really put me in my place about a lot of things. Some of my friends have read it, and it seems to have been a blessing for them, too. In many ways, and please forgive in advance for the term, it feels like a "postmodern Mere Christianity." Miller puts things into words that I really struggle with even writing about to myself, and he's funny to boot. (And I should note that "postmodern" is not a code word for "relativistic" but for, rather, nuance, varying perspectives and tension that is often seen as problematic within a thoroughly "modernist" worldviews.)

This week I received his latest book in the mail, Searching for God Knows What. I have only read the very beginning of it, but I have already learned some things and given off a few hoots sitting by myself on the couch. Here is a quip:

And that's one of the things that you notice about Jesus in the Gospels, that He is always going around saying, You have heard it said such and such, but I tell you some other thing. If you happened to be a person who thought they knew everything about God, Jesus would have been completely annoying.
I heartily reccommend Blue Like Jazz (and I will soon have some extra copies if anyone is interested) and I think that Searching for God Knows What will soon bear the same mark of approval.