25 September 2006 


Screw you, media companies and Apple Computer, for devising ways of making your product suck the fun and convenience out of digital media. Yesterday, I showed an Episode of 30 Days at church. I bought it a month ago, and it worked fine then. But yesterday, since I was in a room with no Wi-Fi, and I hadn't upgraded to QT 7.13, it refused to play until I went downstairs, logged into the iTunes store, and downloaded a 50mb upgrade which was needed to undo the crippling that iTunes 7 had brought with it.

Thanks, Apple!

Copyright law and FCC regulation should change but they won't. All the more reason, I supose, to avoid corporate media entirely.


21 September 2006 

I am at work and I just bought a slice of pizza for lunch. It is the cheapest thing I can get, which I why I got it. My friend Andy would have the fortitude to skip lunch (or, more likely, the sense to bring it). In any case, I found myself saying a quick prayer before beginning to eat. I finished with the line my parents instilled in me "bless this food to the nourishment of my body." As I said that to God, I grimaced and looked down at the grimy, greasy slab of bread and cheese before, knowing full well that it's bad for me and I thought to myself: "Is this like asking God to make a square circle?"

Dear Lord, bless this fattening and heart clogging, but terribly convenient, meal to the nourishment of my body.

I wonder if a lot of our prayers are like that when we live lives that are so utterly contradictory to where God wants us that God's response isn't about Grace, but about silence in the face of a logical contradiction.


25 July 2006 

Boy, was I wrong...

I finished writing a paper in May (about 6 months late)about Gnosticism and Information Technology. Long story short, part of my paper was an attack on the $100 Laptop Project as something that is at least potentially giving the world a Gnostic-flavored attempt at jacking more people into the Otherworld of so-called cyberspace before giving them potable water and food. While I was not 100% sold on the accusation, I was pretty darned cocky about it. Last night, I read an article in WIRED (another target of mine) about the current design of the laptop in question. The designer (whose name and exact verbiage I am without at the moment) said that he thought arguments about giving kids in the developing world food and water before tech were silly, because the developing world is heterogeneous. There are kids, he said, who are undoubtedly poor, but whose top priority is learning.

Let's chalk another one up to my white privilege and ignorance!


22 May 2006 


I bought another drum machine today. Dr. Rhythm DR-550, super-cheap.

I would like to have people at 7 Willow this summer to sit around and play with drum machines, keyboards, laptops, etc.


25 April 2006 

Ministering to the Middle Class Church

Are the concerns of middle class church folk like myself as valid as those of the poor?

I have some resentment and disdain for the middle class, Protestant tendency to navel-gaze and/or re-invent the wheel over and over again. I find it in myself, although I have found some relief in it by looking toward historic orthodoxy. At the same time, I find that it is somewhat inaccessible to a lot of folks, not the least of which being the kids that I work with. What does it mean to communicate the Gospel with sensitivity, but without losing clarity about the things on which Scripture is entirely clear? It is certainly not clear on an awful lot.

Emergent Christianity? 33-300 AD.

But what if the Church is still young?


05 April 2006 


So I'm working on a T-Shirt as a possible design for Threadless. This one is titled "Storm in a Teacup."


29 March 2006 

"Life Together" Notes

"Thus this spiritual love will speak to Christ about a brother more than to a brother about Christ. It knows that the most direct way to others is always through prayer to Christ and that love of others is wholly dependent on truth in Christ." (36-37)

This sort of thinking really shakes me up. Wake up from your slumber, mortal: prayer is real. Why is this shocking? Because I've learned to get on my knees, let pious words bounce around inside my head, and call it "prayer."